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    Not usually one for reviews, but the new leash of energy I've felt over the last day or so is incredible. My back has been pretty mucked up for years now. I've had trauma to my shoulder and my lower flutes from various bike related incidents. I've also caused myself large muscular imbalance in my lower back through dead-lifts, squats and incorrect or poor technique. I had ONE session with Christian Thomson (a functional neurologist) and in 60 mins, with some very abstract techniques for most to comprehend, Christian has given me a pain free body. Now I still have to put in he hard work to gradually build up my muscle in the lower lumbar, but what this guy can do to any muscular aches or pains you have is the equivalent of months worth of physio!!! It is without doubt, one of the best things I've done, I feel so good!! Now you may need more than one session, but, anyone wanting to sort their bodies out, if they've had chronic aches, pains, muscles not firing properly or inhibited range of movement, then this guy is who you need to see. After I strengthen my back I'll be back to him to sort out my shoulder. His knowledge is second to none!!

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    My experience with Christian and Eq transformations has been nothing short of life changing and his ability to Heal, Balance and Align your body, which in turn effects the mind body and spirit of any individual. Every single person needs what this man can do and I'm going to do all I can to get it out there to as many people as I can. Book now, you need this in your life.

  • Sandrine Inaudi,

    The Diamond membership is insanely good. I learnt a tremendous amount of things about health and what works and doesn't work for me since I started Christian managed to get me learn a tremendous amount of knowledge around my health from all angles, sleep, light exposure, movement, nutrition, and even spiritual. He breaks down the content really well so you can understand, learn, absorb, apply to change your lifestyle in a sustainable way. Christian answered all my questions within a couple of hours which helped me a lot to adapt the programme to my needs and get a bespoke approach which is exceptional for an online programme. The format works very well for a busy person like me who works full time as Head of a HR in a fast paced tech business and study naturopathy during the weekend. Christian will help you nail your personal vision and the programme help get rid of limiting belief (I am too stressed I am fat I don't enough energy as I am getting older) Since I started I made significant changes because of christian, the result? I am leaner than I ve ever been I have more energy than when I was 25 (I am 34) to tackle my days Nutrition tweaks made my mind sharper and clearer. My complexion improved a lot I feel and look younger I am a better more knowledgeable version of me. Big thanks to Christian. I warmly recommend his programme

  • Patrick Rea,

    I came to one of Christian's Live Superhuman talks and was blown away with the level of information. I am a small business owner and work nearly every day, because of this I must have high energy levels at all times in order to perform. I have a deep background in health and fitness because of that I know how hard it can be to get fit and healthy, Christian blew away all my preconceptions of how to do it with his simple and practicable solutions. Christian was able to show me how to have fun while exercising with one simple concept, he showed me how to get excellent sleep every night with an effortless solution that cost just £10 and he helped me come back from injury feeling safe and enthusiastic knowing that I can ask him questions and get them answered quickly in the group. Finally, the cost of the investment is virtually nothing compared to what you get in return. I strongly recommend his programme if you want someone to guide you back to health and fitness and enjoy life more.

  • Jess Jay farmer ,

    I first heard of Christian through the Body Transformation Academy who promoted his event a few months ago called The four Elements of A Superhuman. This resonated with me as I've wanted to be a superhuman since I was a kid! After going to his event & learning an incredible wealth of extremely interesting content I signed up to his membership group where he has put together a well structured program comprising the four elements of a superhuman; mindset, nutrition, physiology & neurology of which we are halfway through. I am immensely enjoying the membership group & have learned a LOT of great quality knowledge & have begun to completely revamp my mind & body for the better. I've dropped 3% body fat so far by following Christians advice in the membership group as well as learning so much. I have also been treated by Christians functional neurology therapy, P-DTR to fantastic results. I had a sleepy right glute that would not activate for love or money & I was beginning to lose hope. After Christians treatment it is now active & strong & I have run several marathons since. He has also incredibly fixed my forward head position & rounded shoulders. I was incredibly surprised & overjoyed when I saw my posture change immediately after his treatment. All in all I know that I am in good hands with Christian as his expertise & knowledge is clear & deep as well as him being a very friendly & approachable guy that I feel as though I can trust. Thanks Christian!

  • Elitsa Dermendzhiyska, Entrepreneur

    Christian is one of a kind and I'm not saying this lightly. I've been working out for years, reading and breathing fitness, and progressing successfully on my own (and I often get mistaken for a personal trainer hehe). Or so I thought until I met Christian. This guy completely changed my beliefs of what I'm capable of, showed me where I am stuck, both mentally and physically, made me face my excuses and self-imposed limitations, and inspired me to be my best self.

  • Harold Tackie, Body Transformation & Boxing Coach

    I've know Christian for a number of years and to see the kind of coach he is now is just mind blowing. As a coach myself he is someone I look to for when I want to improve my knowledge. Says it all really

  • Marian Toth, Body Transformation coach

    Christian is an excellent coach! Very professional approach! I don't know many people like him, he is constantly hungry to learn new skills and methods to deliver best possible service to all of his clients and students! Definitely recommend this guy to anyone who wants to improve their training, lifestyle or general well being!

  • Abs Adelakun, Body Transformation coach

    A genius of a coach and an honour to say I have such a friend and fellow journeyman to excellence on my side. Investing in Christian will be the best thing you've ever done.

  • Andrei Nikulin,

    Been looking for a good Coach for a long time. Everything about this guy just clicks - all the care one needs to achieve any goal is Christian. Always there and asks for it! All the details and needs be it emotional, psychological, motivational - all at the click of the fingers! And when I say a coach I mean a friend with whom you can discuss and share everything - even your most inner habits - that's why it all works with him and really and truly set up for you and him to succeed - sky is the limit. Very happy I met Christian - simple thing is my success is his success - couldn't have wished for a better guidance - real and humble. Am blessed.

  • Michael Edmonds , IT

    "I spent one day with a group that Christian was leading and I felt changes in myself and saw changes in others in the group right before my eyes."

  • David Mc gettigan , Physiotherapist

    Christian is amazing. He is one of the nicest and most hardworking people I have ever met. His breadth of knowledge is phenomenal. I would highly highly recommend him as he truly knows what he is doing and is amazing at identifying areas that are holding you back!

  • Virgis Silinskas, Body Transformation coach

    I know Christian personally and must admit the knowledge he has and desire to help others is overwhelming. I highly recommend him, it will definitely be a transformational experience. Christian is one of the most knowledgeable people I ever met. He has deep understanding of human physiology and neurology. He also uses his one of its kind mindset and habit change approach to shift your self image and it makes the whole process of transformation really exciting and rewarding. He was able to improve my posture and muscle imbalances only in one session, which is incredible on its own. Highly recommended to anyone who seek to take their body and mind to next level.

  • Noel adams, Retired

    Christian has been my coach and mentor since May 2009.  Before this time I did minimal workouts, but due to relocation of office with the added benefit of access to a new gym as part of the campus, I took the opportunity to re-evaluate my needs. Whilst at school I had never been one to step forward and would do everything to avoid physical education. It was a big step for me to commit in this way. Christian very quickly had me achieving goals I would have believed impossible a few weeks earlier, and enjoying the process too. With Christian’s attentiveness, encouragement and support, I am able to achieve the targets and objectives he sets. I am healthier than I have ever been before and I still continue to learn and improve. For example, recently we have invested the time and focussed a great deal on my flexibility or actually the fact that I had very little. Again, with Christian’s expertise and patience, my greatly improved flexibility is very much evident. Christian constantly ‘raises the bar’ and I am often challenged, but always have confidence in his judgements. In summary I can honestly say I look forward to every session.

  • Nick Downes, IT consultant

    After years of trying to bulk up and gain the physique I’d always wanted I decided to hire a coach in 2009. After trying out with various PT’s in many gyms with little success I finally found Christian. We started out by reviewing my diet, sleeping patterns current fitness and setting my goal and putting a realistic plan in place to achieve that. I was impressed by how quickly Christian figured out what made me tick mentally to get the best out of each session and really pushed me to achieve my goals using intelligent techniques. At the beginning of 2015 I decided to set a new challenge for this year which is the biggest I’ve done to date and after all these years Christian never fails to impress me with how quickly I can achieve during these sessions from huge weight lifting gains in a few weeks. My training sessions with Christian over the years have been full on body transformations to small 8 week programme for a beach holiday. Each and every time we’ve hit what we’ve set out to achieve. If you’re willing to put the hard work in, listen and really commit from diet to training you’ll be amazed at what Christian can help you achieve aka the sky is the limit!

  • Sarah Grahams , Housewife

    “I committed to a six week programme of Tabata training, started keeping a food diary and stopped my lazy eating habits. Christian, as ever, mentored, pushed and supported me the whole way. What really surprised me was how quick the weight started coming off with only these very short sessions and moderate change to my diet and eating habits. After the first week I had lost 2 Kilos!”

  • Sal Coral, Professional artist

    Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity “Always ready to make you work harder. Great insight and perspective. Simply excellent!”

  • Shaun Alpine-Crabtree, Owner of the Table caffee

    “Christian Thomson is a faith healer. Bring him your tired, aching body and trust him to transform it. He can do nothing unless you are willing to be as rigorous and disciplined as he is with your technique and are willing to work yourself to your limits. He is utterly focussed and unrelenting. It takes time. It hurts. I have seen results I scarcely believe, and continue to be transformed.” Take a leap of faith.

  • Lucy Ferguson, Dept. Ad Manager, IPC Media

    “Christian is an excellent teacher. He is patient, clear and supportive but more than this he helps you to challenge yourself whilst still enjoying the experience. He's also the most accurate, demanding kickboxing instructor I have come across in 10 years of training. I've learnt more about teaching and managing people from Christian than anyone else in my career as both media sales manager and youth mentor”

How It Works


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Body Transformation

In my emersion coaching

Discover Whats holding you back 

Unleash your natural superhuman abiliity

Supercharge your recovery 

Tap into Limtless energy 

Reveal the sectrets to a long healthy life 

Give you Time to live your life

Become to best version of yourself

uncover the sectrets to succeed at anything 

Run, Jump, throw, lift all with a pain free body


“Christian Thomson is a faith healer. Bring him your tired, aching body and trust him to transform it.

He can do nothing unless you are willing to be as rigorous and disciplined as he is with your technique and are willing to work yourself to your limits. He is utterly focussed and unrelenting. It takes time. It hurts. I have seen results I scarcely believe, and continue to be transformed.

”Take a leap of faith.

Shaun Alpine Crabtree co-owner of the table cafe

Neurology & Rehabilitation

Injury no one seems to be able to fix, weak lower back that no one can make strong, constant repeat injuries or even a pain you've been told you will just have to deal with and work around? Don't just take it lying down. See what Functional Neurology can do for you. 


Functional Neurology Can help with 

Low energy levels 

re occuring injurey 

unexplained weakness

unexplianed pain 

Brain fog 

poor multitasking abiliity