Am I dying at my desk

The first step to a better you is health you can’t beast yourself in the gym or put in 100% if you’re not in good health.


The first step is moving, yes moving, walk, take the stairs and stand up more often, these things are surprisingly fundamental to our health. Did you know if you sit down for too long your body reduces the release of lipase into your blood by 90%. Lipase is a hormone that helps break down the fat in your blood, leaving it to re-circulate and be stored as body fat (not good). Not to scare you but current research suggests if you’re sitting for more than 6 hours a day you are 40% more likely to die 15 years earlier than those sitting 3 hours or less a day. I know 3 hours right; you have a job your busy you have to travel. Well, not all is lost, if you stand for 15 minutes of every hour, then you can revert the effects of this affliction, but wait I exercise every day surely this doesn’t apply to me. Yes, yes it does I’m afraid this same research also dictates that simply exercising 1 hour a day would not be enough to counteract these effects. Standing for 15 minutes every hour doesn’t only have life-extending benefits, but it should also increase your energy levels and metabolism.

Don’t get me wrong keep up the exercise if you’re doing it and start if you’re not as this will have other great health benefits for you.


So, in conclusion, walk, stand and take the stairs move as much as possible this will not only cause your body to work more efficiently and extend your life but increase your BMR (Basil metabolic rate).


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