We all would like more energy, a better body composition, fantastic sleep and clarity of thought but many of us fail to realise this aim or at least rarely for longer than a day. Above, I’ve described optimum health and many might disagree and say ‘but, I am in optimum health’.  I challenge you, however, to really think for a second and ask yourself: Do you have great energy levels all day long? Do you jump out of bed in the morning full of energy? Do you feel strong and pain free all day every day? It may seem like I’m being unrealistic but believe it or not. poor energy levels and pain are not normal, they are by definition abnormal. You will only feel pain, poor energy or a foggy brain if there is something wrong.

Your body is designed perfectly to live in coherence with our environment, constantly moving towards one goal, to keep us alive. We are built to move away from danger and towards safety or compensation for a problem. This is probably the thing that has got us into trouble these days. Your body is extremely effective at utilising its environment for energy in a very efficient way with back up options just in case.

What do I mean by this? Your cells have numerous ways to create energy from light, from water, from magnetic frequencies and from what you probably already knew, food. What do you mean you can make energy in other ways except food? Just like plants we can make energy from photosynthesis, light in fact is our prime source of energy and our fastest form of communication between cells. I explain this in more detail in my post ‘Sunlight, the Ultimate Charger’.

But what has any of this got to do with temperature? Well I’m coming to that now. Temperature plays a huge role in biology, more than most people realise. If you look at most hormones for instance, in extreme temperatures they do not act how we are told they do in the standard biochemistry text-books. In fact, insulin becomes almost completely obsolete in very cold temperatures, making our body’s systems function completely differently.

Another thing we must first look at before really explaining why temperature is important, is that bone is a semi-conductor and can regenerate with high DC electric current running through it, in fact all cells use DC electric current to communicate information as well as light through the median of electrons. We also need to look at the structure of water in and around cells and the structure of cell membranes. Firstly water that sits in and around cells actually is EZ (Exclusion zone) water or structured water, which means it is charge separated (holds an electric charge) and excludes as the name suggests every particle that isn’t the charge separated water. (See my post on Water, the Corner Stone of Life). Cell membranes are generally structured with high amounts of lipids (fats) which allow them to be fluid in nature but an important aspect of the membrane is its ability to allow light in and out, which it does via DHA (an omega 3 fatty acid). This molecule also has a great effect at increasing the DC electric current running through the cell. This becomes extremely important when we look at the structure, function and stimulation of mitochondria, which I explain more in my post ‘Mitochondria, the Battery of your Cells’. Here is a basic rundown, as the title suggests, mitochondria are the main source of energy for your cells and they run off of electrons. Inside these mitochondria are what’s called respiratory proteins that tunnel the electrons across the inner membrane to create ATP, which is important for unfolding proteins so they can be used. The fourth respiratory protein (ATPase) is powered directly by infrared light and has a spinning head and the more infrared light hits the ATPase the faster this head spins, the more ATP is created but also the higher electromagnetic frequency is generated. As some of you might already know, anything that spins fast enough will generate a magnetic frequency and that also has a huge impact in exactly how many biological functions work.

That’s nice and all, but why does all this matter and what has it got to do with me being superhuman? Well if you look at EZ water first, a major aspect of EZ water is that infrared light increases the charge separation and the water is most dense and therefore effective  as a battery within the cell, at 4 degrees Celsius. What we also know about magnets is that they get much stronger in cold climates as does a DC electric current. Now you can start to see some of these facts start to stack up but this may still not mean much to you yet, just hold on and I promise by the end you will understand the true importance of this post.

So if we have a stronger magnetic frequency, a stronger DC electric current, a bigger charge separation in the EZ water and a much more efficient energy production rate from our mitochondria, then you can see how this will cause a huge increase in energy levels throughout the body just by cooling our external temperature. Before you say it, let’s address the concept of core body temperature and freezing to death. The body will always try to keep balance. In fact, changes in our core body temperature by a few degrees can be fatal but this does not mean cooling us from the outside will have that effect. As I said before, the body wants to keep its balance. It will react to cold outside of it just like it reacts to heat with opposite stimulus. For instance, if it’s hot, you sweat to cool the skin and also to help absorb light but that’s not so relevant here. So, if that makes sense then, the body must have a mechanism for increasing body temperature to combat cold. This is the burning of body fat as free heat or in other words the release of infrared light. Infrared light is more than just light it is also heat and due to its effects on the cellular systems it not only keeps us warm but speeds up the healing process, increases energy production and strengthens the battery created by EZ water. Find out more in ‘Infrared light, the Ultimate Healer’.

Earlier, I said that temperature can change how hormones are produced and used in the body and this is truly the key benefit of cold adaptation due to its effects on leptin. Leptin is your master hormone, it literally controls most biological function. To find out more, look at my post ‘Leptin, the Key to All Disease’. When you cold adapt, your body releases eNOS (endothelial nitric oxide synthetase) which shuts off VIP (Vasoactive intestinal peptide). The reason this is important is that this changes how leptin syncs your environment, circadian rhythm and sleep cycles. When you are warm adapted and your circadian cycle is controlled by the light and dark cycles through the linking of leptin with VIP you will have higher levels of NPY (Neuropeptide Y) which increases carbohydrate cravings and causes most of the reactions we see today, good and bad. When you cold adapt and you inhibit VIP through linking leptin to eNOS you now entrain your circadian biology to temperature rather than light. Being cold adapted also decreases NPY levels as well and that why eating high levels of carbs is not the best idea as this will increase NPY, IL-6, TNF alpha and NF kappa beta which together block leptin from entering the brain.

What does that all mean in English. Well, cold adaptation reduces carb cravings for a reason because it does not expect to see them so when eaten cause a miss match that destroys the exact reaction you’re trying to achieve. Just in case you hadn’t realised what that is at this point, it is leptin sensitivity. The more leptin sensitivity we have, the faster we release fat from adipose tissue. When we are cold adapted, we drive down our need for kcal, in turn decreasing hunger and allowing great kcal restrictions without lean tissue wastage if needed. We also burn fat as free heat, so it completely changes the whole kcal in kcal out equation. At this point, not all kcal are equal, in fact kcal are irrelevant to an extent. We also allow our mitochondria to burn fat as fuel and use ATP as free heat via the UCP-3 (Uncoupling protein 3), this creates a much more efficient source of energy with our system becoming more efficient, creating less oxidative stress and in turn slowing the aging process.

Once we sensitise leptin receptors in the brain and muscles, some really key things start to happen like the brain hijacks control over thyroid function by using TRH (Thyroid releasing hormone) to upregulate fat burning and control body temperature. It also converts reverse T3 back to T3 to aid in UCP-3 to convert ATP to free heat. It also increases sensitivity of both vitamin D and cortisol receptors which means you are more effective at using UVB light and vitamin D3 as well as having a huge effect on your stress response. Your cortisol receptors become more sensitive while cortisol levels actually drop, reversing adrenal fatigue. Your lungs Vo2 max also shows a sharp increase as well as the density of mitochondria in your muscles, this translates to increased cardiovascular ability and muscular strength with zero training.

For those still looking for more reasons, you can look at telomere length studies that directly correlate to how long you will live. Cold adaptation actually increases telomere length, so if you want to live long and have a good quality of life the whole time this is what you need. The other thing that has been shown to increase longevity or telomere length is kcal deficit which as I said earlier becomes much easier with cold adaptation. Start to see the bigger picture now?

Remember all that fat I said you will burn, well guess what happens to excess fat cells in cold environments? They commit suicide, yes suicide, through a process called apoptosis. Leptin and IGF-1 in cold environments melt your fat cells away permanently. This is not to say you could not recreate new fat cells by doing all the wrong things again but it does mean becoming fat again is much harder. Low leptin and low cortisol levels together are another factor is this happening, but do I have evidence of this? Yes, I do. In 2008 a study was published on young children and frostbite, the plastic surgeons found that the children with frost bite on their faces could never fully repair the shape as the fat cells had completely disappeared and never recovered. This led to the freezing fat fad and a bunch of plastic surgeons probably made a lot of money, although if your spot reducing fat without implementing the whole system or changing your life style, it can have other much worse adverse effects.

In conclusion the benefits of cold adaptation speak volumes. Many people will still look at this with great fear or skepticism in disbelief. Why is it that not everyone is talking about it or that it is not being used in the main stream? First, I’d encourage you to think about the far reaching impacts this might have, both in a positive and negative way, then – second, I challenge you to try it for 30 days and see if you don’t too notice the huge change. To find out how I advise starting your cold adaptation training, look at the post ‘My Cold Thermogenesis Protocol’.



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