My Cold Thermogenesis Protocol

When looking at starting this training first you must understand your current state be aware that oestrogen dominance or high tissue omega 6 levels could make this a harsh start if you jump ahead but for those that have been eating high omega 3 diet or feel they are already in a good state can start from the cold bath stage.

Benefits to expect

Better sleep

Less hunger

Fewer cravings

More energy

Fat loss

Healthier skin

Faster recovery

Improved immune system

Improved ability to deal with extreme temperatures hot and cold


How can I gauge my current state?

Drink 500ml of ice water and see how long it takes to get brain freeze. If you can last more than half the glass your probably ok to start from the bath if not it may be too harsh for you to start but this is only a guide. Before every session it is best to have had a high fat meal and then right before you start drink the cold water.

What should I eat?

During this process you must be eating according to my Ketogenic diet post to ensure best results, remember if you read the post on temperature the secret to superhuman ability you will remember that the biggest reason for this is leptin sensitivity and the wrong diet will block leptin from reaching the brain if you are cold adapting.

When is best and why?

The best time to do the cold adaptation training is in the evening to increase the benefits on sleep after that the next best time is first thing in the morning both after a high fat meal.

Will it hurt?

No not at all if you feel like it is hard to start that is very normal for those with either poor Omega 06-03 ratios or low BAT (Brown adipose tissue) to WAT (White adipose tissue), this is why certain steps are in place to help you ease in like the diet, drinking cold water and ice packs on the face to start. Becoming cold adapted itself will force the body to transfer WAT into BAT.

What happens if I go to fast or too far?

Skin should become rosie and pinkish never grey or pale if it becomes grey or pale stop dry off get warm and repeat the previous step.

What about exercise?

You can exercise during this but I suggest you complete a month first before you do if you are starting from step one if you are already in a good state then exercise won’t be seen as an undue stress. This should not be done after exercise if done in conjunction with exercise it should be done before as inflammation is needed to signal recover after exercise, the bath will not help this process but rather hinder it.

Step one

Apply an ice pack or place your face in water for 20mins every night 1 hour before bed for 4 nights

Step two

Starts with warm water in your showers then turn it down to cold for 30 second intervals repeat x5 every night for 3 nights. You can also do this for your morning showers if you want.

Step three

The bath stage this is when we start to see the biggest difference, you start with just 5 minutes in the bath increasing by 5mins every other bath. To clarify, 2 baths at 5minutes then 2 at ten minutes and so on until you reach 45 minutes take 3-5 baths per week. The ideal plan to get most efficiency is Monday Wednesday Friday bath.


After a month of following both the ketogenic protocol and the cold thermogenesis protocol you should already start to see some huge changes as with any programme it takes commitment time and effort you get out what you out in.