Grounding what it is and why you should be doing it?

Today we are faced with a growing health crisis and with that crisis a million and one companies promising your health and a better life if you follow their program or take their product. Now paying for a service is fine but should health really cost us so much and why does it seem to be so elusive. We often forget that the best things in life are free and grounding is exactly that, a free health practice that is extremely powerful when used correctly.

Grounding is simply a practice of walking bare foot on earth/grass, sounds simple, well the practice is but there a few ways to mess it up which I will cover in a while but first let’s start with why it’s so powerful.

The reason behind the health benefits of grounding comes from electrons, electrons are some of the smallest bits of matter and are not just important for machines and physicist. Our body carries electrical charge and uses this to create metabolic action as well as communicate. These little bits of matter are an incredibly important part of this process, in fact one of the most important process in the body is completely reliant of electrons being past across a membrane to create cellular energy. This is in the mitochondrion that produces ATP, which is so important that if we stopped making ATP for even a few seconds we would die. The faster we pass these electrons across our mitochondria the more ATP we make so we need a constant flow of electrons all day every day if we want to live. To put this in context we have thousands of mitochondria per cell and trillions of cells that create around x ATP, and our bodies use on average of x ATP per day making the electron transport chain rather important to health.

Our bodies will draw electrons from many sources the ground, the sun, our food and our water, we will then store them in tissues and body water ready for use as well as making use from the intake of environmental electrons. A simple way to look at it is the more electrons we hold in our body the healthier we are, the electrons we hold in our body effect how resilient we are to sun shine, how much energy we create, our redox potential (ability to reduce biomolecules) and the ability to reduce oxidative stress.

Between the sun and the ground it acts as an anode cathode system, the sun is the producer of energy and the earth is where electrons flow. This flowing of electrons allows us to draw upon them via the magnetic Hall Effect but it’s easier to think of it via the second law of thermodynamics. The second law of thermodynamics is about energy always seeking to balance the system, so for example a system with greater energy will always flow into a system of lesser energy to create equilibrium in the connected systems. The earth will always have more electrons then we will so we will draw them out of the ground and into our bodies.

So what do I mean be earth and how can dirt carry and electrical current? Well concreate earth/dirt/grass act as a semiconductor which carry very weak charges and we are made of semiconductors too. When our bare skin comes into contact with earth we become a connected circuit allowing the electrons to flow through us. We can increase the effectiveness of this by adding water too as cool and wet surfaces will conduct electrons better, so those walks on the beach are more than just pleasing and guess what happens every time you jump in the sea, especially if its cold. Swimming in the sea acts as a supercharger for grounding, in fact any natural cold water source will improve the effect greatly as well as having other positive effects. Remember that grounding allows your skin to absorb more of the energy from the sun as well as protecting from the stress response it can cause so sun bathing on a towel or deck chair might not be the best idea, rather lying on the grass or sand it’s self would be much more beneficial.

To make the most of grounding you still have to be aware of a few things. What’s under the ground you’re standing on? Electrical wires can disrupt this process and grounding over them may actually attract a heavy amount of that energy directly to you, this will cause cellular stress. You can do it with socks but they need to be cotton and wet otherwise will not conduct electrons. You can get specific shoes to ground with but it’s much less effective and in cities can do more harm than good by attracting none native electromagnetic forces from nearby energy sources. In cities find a park or open space where you’re sure there is no major power lines under you.

To summarise some of the most important benefits of grounding

  1. Increase ATP production
  2. Increase Speed of healing through ATP production
  3. Increase energy levels
  4. Improves immune system
  5. Reduces free radicles
  6. Improves redox potential
  7. Improves tolerance to strong sunlight
  8. Prevents cellular breakdown

Get outside for FREE and be healthy, nature is our best bet at health and if you embrace this concept you will feel the difference. Sun, sea, earth, walk, meditation, get cold every now and then, these are all free and more powerful forms of prevention and cure then many forms of medical intervention today.