Top benefits of natural sunlight

The sun is a hugely powerful tool for our health that is free and controls many growth and metabolic pathways in the body.

When we think of the eye we generally look at it as a camera, but what many do not know is it also acts as a clock, this clock tells our body what time of day it is, what time of year it is and where we are standing on this planet. This is all controlled by the suprachiasmatic nucleus and a system called are circadian rhythm (which means about a day), the circadian rhythm is the timing mechanism of all biochemical cascades throughout the day. It tells the body when to wake up, when to go to sleep, when to use the toilet, when to release certain hormones, when to stop releasing them and all this is controlled via the central rental pathway.

The central rental pathway takes the light in our environment and measures the amount of each colour frequency to tell time. When we look at a rainbow or at light through a prism we can see the separation of that light, each colour is considered a different frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum. Each frequency will cause a different a different reaction in the body and this is important because as the sun changes its angle across the sky different levels of light will hit the ground.

In the morning, mainly blue green and infrared light (IRA) hits the ground and this stimulates waking hormones but a little later in the morning UVA will hit the ground and inhibit the production of these hormones. In the evening for instance the main frequencies of light to hit the ground is green and infrared which slowly fades to moon light, this allows our body to start releasing night time hormones like melatonin

So you can start to see how powerful the sun is at regulation of natural cycles, but it doesn’t stop there, we actually rely on the sun so we can make an number of key hormones in our body. Most know that the sun via UVB light allows us to make vitamin D which realistically is a hormone and a very important one but it doesn’t just make vitamin D. It will also make via UVA, POMC which is cleaved in to beta endorphins, ACTH, alpha MSH, lipotropin and CLIP (corticotropin like intermediate peptide), it will cause the release of No (nitric oxide) & eNOS (endothelial nitric oxide synthase) as well as aid in the creation of biogenic amines such as dopamine, serotonin and melatonin.

Above are only some of the reactions UV light causes alone blue light stimulates the release of steroid hormones and the creation of vitamin A in your eye, Infrared light stimulates an increase in ATP production (your cellular energy) and green light is important for the camera part of your eye so you can see. When we get unfiltered sun light it comes to earth in the perfect balanced set of frequencies to signal our bodies and therefore can improve health be resetting our bodies natural rhythms.

Some of the top reasons to get in the sun are listed below

·         Increased circulation – An increase in NO improves circulation and brings blood to the skins surface so it can absorb the UV light via the porphyrins in the red blood cells. It also increases blood flow to areas of the body like melanopsin that has no direct blood supply and without UVA stimulating NO would not get the proper supply.

·         Increased mood – UVA stimulates beta endorphins a natural opioid substance, yes opioid we are born to be addicted to the sun. In fact, two methods recently shown to be effective at combating addictive behaviour is sun light and an increase in DHA (omega 3)

·         Increased energy – Not only does sun increase oxygen supply and circulation it also increases the rate we make ATP. Sun light will also increase the dielectric potential in cell water and increase the exclusion zones which create coherent domains for cells to operate (See EZ water)

·         Increased immune system – Vitamin D is a well-known immune booster as well as having anti-cancer properties.

·         Decreased cancer rates -Vitamin D regulates C-myc expression and stimulates MXD1 which is its antagonist. C-myc controls cell growth and is elevated in over 50% of cancer cases. UV light also stimulates melanin which acts as an anti-oxidant and helps dying cells commit programmed death preventing cancer. As well as a-MSH having a reparative function on DNA   

·         Improved metabolism – Light in its self is the most powerful regulator of the circadian rhythm which controls metabolism and growth pathways. Sun light is key to maintaining optimum circadian biology.

·         Improved blood pressure – UVA light through the production of POMC and its metabolites increases vasodilation and reduces stress.

·         Improved bone density – Natural sun light increases DC electric charge in cells, the higher the DC current in bone the better growth and regeneration is activated. (Dr Robert O becker)

·         Purifies blood – The blue light in the sun also acts to break down bilirubin (turn over of red blood cells), this process aids the timing mechanism for the mitochondria as rev-erb measures changes in heme to regulate circadian rhythm, glucose and fat metabolism. It is also linked to NAD+ cycle, increased NAD+ improves longevity.

·         Lowers LDL – LDL is the stereotypical bad cholesterol that can cause issues in artery walls

·         Increases HDL – HDL is the type of cholesterol that is generally preferred and is vital in the creation of all hormones

·         Stimulates p53 – p53 is a protein that is being called the guardian of the genome for its role in sounding the alarm when a cells DNA is damaged, allowing the body to prevent it becoming cancerous.

·         Increases natural antioxidants –  Many chemicals released by the suns effects act as anti-oxidants such as melatonin, NO, vitamin A among others and it can even increase the bodies production of superoxide dismutase (most powerful natural anti-oxidant).

·         Decreases inflammation – UVA light can stimulate blood flow while simultaneously decreasing cytokine production (inflammatory molecules).

·         Increases venous O2 – UV light has shown to increase oxygen affinity and levels in the blood.

·         Improves sleep – Sun light will stimulate a proper day and night cycle which in turn improves the Vitamin A & Vitamin D cycle, this cycle is liked to gene expression that directly effects sleep.