Photo Bio Modulation

Over 3,500 peer reviewed studies showing the positive healing effects of Photo Bio Modulation

Results from as little as one 30 minute session per week

  • Improve strength gains
  • Improve recovery
  • Reduced swelling and edema
  • Aesthetic effects for pre and post surgery
  • Reduce post exercise muscle soreness
  • Reduce scaring in acute recovery
  • Increase stem cell production
  • Increase ATP production
  • Decrease free radicles
  • Increase wound and tissue healing
  • Decrease fatigue

What to expect in a treatment

Treatments are 30 minutes long with a number of areas being treated for a couple minutes each depending on what needs to be done. Both lasers and LED’s are used at varying degrees of focus to target specific tissues at different depths.

Treatment frequency can be anything from once a week to gain results, depending on the issue. The best practice is to start your treatment protocol with 2 or 3 sessions for the first week or two and then decrease down as the symptoms lessen till they have completely gone.

Photo Bio Modulation works by stimulating the mitochondria in your cells to produce more ATP (cellular energy and decrease damaging free radicles. In each cell we have thousands of mitochondria and the productivity of these are often the cause of health/disease. ATP can be thought of as the bodies primary currency of energy, the more ATP we have the more we can do. As a result of creating ATP our mitochondria also create Reactive oxygen or nitrogen species more well known as free radicles.

What is not as well known is that not all free radicles are bad, some acts as messengers molecules and are very much needed. Others oxidise molecules which damages them and makes them unstable.

The pictures below show you how Cytochrome c (part of our mitochondria absorbs light at a peak of around 650nm and 830nm which means in English it absorbs light in the red and near infrared frequencies. The absorption of this light helps in a few ways but most important is that it dislodges mitochondrial Nitric oxide which would cause damaging free radicles to be created if left unchecked. Where as Nitric oxide is normally a good thing there are a few types and nitric oxide in the mitochondria can lead to very damaging effects.

Other key products of this absorption is the increase in ATP production which in tern increases the output of the cell improving its normal function and allowing for better and faster repair.

Other second and third order effects of this therapy include increase in certain growth factors improved modulation of the immune system and can even increase mesenchymal stem cell production when the marrow of a bone is radiated.

Mesenchymal stem cells will increase tissue repair greatly and reduce scar tissue in the acute phase of an injury.

I have created an easy to read overview of some of the research papers in a PDF document click to download your copy now

Take a look at what the Nike athletic team thought of the NOVO THOR bed and note the mention that Roberto Salazar head couch of the Oregon project has one in his house. This new therapy is the secret weapon of the top sporting teams all around the world.

Nike athletics team testimonial

The THOR NOVO is a whole body general treatment rather then a spot specific treatment and will generally penetrate only around 1cm deep as apposed to the 1-2-1 treatment which can penetrate tissue up to 5cm deep depending on the power of the laser/LED.

Depth of treatment can be a very important notion when treating specific issues.