Functional Neurology

What is Functional Neurology (PDTR)?

PDTR is a system that incorporates many different forms of therapy including functional neurology working on the receptors of the body. Receptors are the free nerve endings that intake stimuli/information from our environment and send it to our brain. our brain is a essentially in a big black box and relies on the information sent from the receptors. A receptors sensitivity will dictate its function dysfunctional receptors or hyper/hypo sensitive receptors can cause all sorts of chaos within the body leading to many different issues.

My Goal

To help create an optimized, pain-free best version of you, as fast as possible, by finding the cause of your complaint, not just symptoms.

The current accepted medical model is focused on suppressing the symptoms, so you only temporarily feel better. The focus their resources on examining the area with pain, prescribing medication or using expensive equipment, ignoring the rest of the body.

What I do differently

First I take a detailed injury history and document current lifestyle, then I start to look at the current complaints and how they might link to any life style or historic events. I then start testing muscles ability to contract, relax and their range of motion in different positions. Once we have all of this information we can start to test the receptors of the body and see how this effects the previous tests.

What is a receptor?

Receptors are what are body uses to interpret the environment around us, these receptors send information to the brain via the nervous system so the brain can react appropriately.

Why is this important?

Receptors can have direct effect on a muscles ability to contract, relax, stretch and even the organ’s ability to function properly if a receptor is dysfunctional it can massive problems in any part of the body

Who needs this treatment?

PDTR can be used to fix nearly any issue in the body, if you have pain that other therapies have failed to clear or a reoccurring pain/injury that is only cleared for short periods then I can help.

What is the treatment?

The tests for PDTR rely on manual muscle testing and looking at the muscles ability to contract and relax while stimulating certain receptors.

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